Chi sono: bio di una food blogger

I am Rosa D’Anna and I live in a small town between Naples and Avellino.
Ever since I can remember I have always liked eating well and most importantly, cooking. With a mother who prepares the best breakfast pastries in the world,
I love making cakes and eating them (but before I do I take photos of them).
When people ask me why I started my Blog I can not give a precise answer.
Let’s say it was a delirious mix of carelessness, joy, passion, and impulsiveness
all mixed with a box of Swiss chocolates.
For instance from thinking about creating a blog to actually creating one, took only 1 day.
This tells you that I am impulsive and often act instinctively …..
                                                                                      and my blog is a true reflection of my condition,
but also I suffer from bouts of acute laziness ……
                                                                                      and this is reflected in my little blog!!!!!!!!
Some random info about me:
1. I’d like to say that I’m an early bird……but I am not!
2. I love sleeping and have mastered the art of it.
3. I would like to follow millions of courses of food photography and food writing. Believe me if there is a course with the word food in it I would follow it.
4. I would like to receive (little subliminal message coming) a hundred old wooden planks in various colours and props of any kind…. Vintage are better!
5. I dream of talking English,  French, Spanish, Japanese and Russian fluently!
To know more about me,  about who I am,  what I do and cook,  you need only to read my blog.
Happy Reading!!

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