Maccheroncelli home made pasta with meat sauce


The patience to make home made pasta makes you understand a lot about a person.

Those who dedicate so much time and dedication to a preparation can give love.
Patience is a virtue underestimated in today’s society and yet we should all learn to practice it.



A morning spent between fatigue and laughter, which culminated in a fabulous lunch.

This meat sauce with beef, pork ribs and irpina fresh sausage.

For the dough will tell you that we made various formats. Mom took care of orecchiette.

My brother of fusilli, my sister and of maccheroncelli.



Gently crush the underwire in the center of the pasta. Push towards one end until you get to the edge then go back until …

This …


To create the dough ingredients are simple: semolina, hot water (not boiling), salt.

Precise doses there are none. It depends on how much water absorption semolina.

You see, what aspect should have the dough to be worked on.

You can dry the pasta, store it under vacuum or eat it fresh.

I hope you try you also have the satisfaction of making pasta.

To me it gives joy and satisfaction to eat this dish and I can not tell you about it.




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